What we do

Our work is joined up to provide integrated educational, social and practical support. Use the links below to find out more about each of our services, and scroll down to find out why our holistic approach is more than the sum of its parts.

Our services

We work with children, young people and parents – often whole families.

We are helping to create a stronger, more cohesive community in Brent.

Parents tell us that building their confidence helps them to branch out and make links with other local people and groups.

After-school and holiday clubs

We run an after-school club during term-time, and a holiday club during school holidays.

Our after-school club is held at Salusbury Primary School, whilst our holiday club takes children all over London. The trips include kayaking, ice skating and climbing , as well as visits to Hampstead Heath and museums like the V&A Museum.

Children play, socialise and express themselves creatively in a nurturing and supportive environment. This helps improve their social and communication skills, confidence and sense of belonging… and they have a lot of fun!


Our mentors provide one-to-one educational guidance and support to refugee and migrant pupils

Mentors help mentees with their schoolwork and related skills. Many also offer advice and practical help around careers and accessing further and higher education.

Advice and advocacy

Our Family Advice Team provides support to refugees and asylum seekers from all over London.

Salusbury World has the AQS advice standard and offers free advice on:

  • Housing
  • Welfare Benefits
  • CVs
  • Employment
  • Education and other issues relating to the accessing of services.

We also are OISC accredited to level 1 and so can offer free immigration advice

Please contact us Monday to Friday 10.00 to 4.00pm to make an appointment on 0207 372 22 44

You can also contact our advice team via mobile. Please note the advice team are only available on mobile on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

  • Lucy: 07415957976
  • Alexa: 07732055347

If you would like to refer a client to us, please click here to access our online referral form.


English classes

Salusbury World provides English (ESOL) classes for parents of children attending our catchment schools led by a qualified ESOL teacher and by enthusiastic volunteers. It is mostly mothers who come to the classes and they speak little or no English.
Our aim is to enable our ESOL students to grow in confidence and to develop language skills to enable engagement with every day use of English. The scenarios covered include, shopping, travelling, medical appointments, parents evenings and common cultural situations. Our ESOL language classes also work hard to break down the sense of isolation that many of the women may be feeling, and we open up conversations about the experience of building a new life in London.
We organise trips in London, helping our ESOL students to feel at home. We also have links with our local cinema, the Lexi, and we organise film outings to develop a sense of community.