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Our website is currently being rebuilt. In the meantime, please contact Sarah Reynolds at Mail@salusburyworld.org.uk or call us on 0207 372 2244

Our Mission
Our mission is to support and empower refugee and migrant children, young people and families to overcome obstacles, realise their rights and potential and participate fully in society.

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Empowering Refugee and Migrant Children & Families

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Our Vision
We envisage a future in which schools and communities across the UK work together to protect, fulfil and foster respect for these rights, ensuring that all migrants are welcomed wholeheartedly and empowered to settle, thrive and participate in all areas of society.

After school, holiday & homework clubs
Cycling training
Educational mentoring
Advice & advocacy
Immigration referrals
English classes
Home-school liaison
CV writing
Volunteering & work experience  
Business start up: www.spicecaravan.org.uk

ANNUAL REVIEW (2013-14) (downloadable PDF)