Hanna Testimonial

We had the pleasure of interviewing Hanna. Here she speaks about her experience with Salusbury World. Hanna is a refugee from Iran and has worked with us for many years. In that time, she has worked extensively with our staff.

How has your experience been with Salusbury World?

It has been more than good. They are very friendly and give a lot of respect to people. You feel like you are part of a family here and when I need to talk to someone they are here. They are very understanding and most importantly they do not judge you and instead lend kindness.

Can you give us a time where Salusbury World helped you overcome a problem?

I had a problem with a disability and I don’t have any family here, supporting me. I miss that feeling that I have someone supporting me. But Salusbury World gives that support to me, and they are my family here. For a long time, I didn’t see my family but the feeling that they have given to me where they have picked up the phone without judging my situation.

What is the best part about Salusbury World?

They are wonderful people. They will do anything they can. They make me feel equal. There is no difference between me and another person, they treat us the same.

How would you describe the people who work at Salusbury World?

The heart is different from the job, people are working from the heart here, not the job. I am happy for them and I hope that they get bigger and people like me need people like them for support.

What advice would you give to others who may be in a similar situation and need help?

People like me if you need help just call them and they will support you. I’m just a stranger to them but they feel very happy to work with me. I feel like I am not alone. There are big hearts supporting me and if you need help please go to them.

Here is a picture of some of the food Hanna lovingly brings for us.
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