Write to your MP

We encourage you to write to your Member of Parliament (MP) about UK asylum policy and the campaign to secure safe routes for those fleeing war and persecution.

How to write to your MP

Click here to find your MP and their contact details using your postcode.

Here is a template from us.


Dear [MP's name]

I am writing to express my grave concern about the language and direction of asylum policy in the UK.  

This country (and the local area in particular) has a long and proud history of showing compassion and welcome to those fleeing war and persecution.  

As the UNHCR clearly states, everybody has the right to seek asylum from persecution in another country, and there is no such thing as an “illegal asylum-seeker”.  

The indefinite detention of those seeking asylum, based solely on their mode of arrival, would punish people in need of help and protection and constitute a clear breach of the United Kingdom’s obligations under the 1951 Refugee Convention. 

A blanket ban on claiming asylum in the UK for those arriving on small boats would also breach the Refugee Convention, if this results in refugees having no means to establish their status and places them at risk of enforced return to their own countries. Resettlement is a complementary system. It cannot replace obligations under International Law to provide access to asylum. 

As your constituent, I am asking for your support in calling for an asylum system that:  

  • Processes asylum claims swiftly and fairly 

  • Treats people with respect 

  • Does not use detention or tagging of those claiming asylum 

  • Uses language carefully and does not incite hatred  

I also urge you to support the campaign to secure safe routes for those forced to flee war and persecution from anywhere in the world.  

Without these, perilous journeys such as Channel crossings in tiny boats will continue. The financial and human cost will be extortionate - it is in everyone’s interests for us to find safe and legal routes to sanctuary.  

We are all counting on you.

[Your name]

[Your contact details, including your address]