Mariam arrived from Syria aged 12. She’s one of 9 or 10 children and is in the UK with her parents and some of her siblings. A couple of her older sisters are in Lebanon with their husbands and children in difficult circumstances. Mariam arrived at school with no English and we paired her with a mentor. For the first couple of years, she struggled to settle into school and was forever in trouble with her teachers. However, her mentor persevered and Salusbury World supported her. In December last year, she won an award from school for being the “Student of the week” because of her excellent attitude to learning. She is now far happier and settled.


Ahmed is the first student from the school to study Architecture at university.

His mentor expanded his thinking, encouraged him, helped him find work experience, took him to visit Allies & Morrison and really supported him in his aspiration.

Ahmed’s mentor would say that he learnt as much as he taught.


English PEN group – Students with very little English found ways to express themselves in English and their own languages and are now published poets. They shared the stage with people twice or three times their age at the launch party – and completely held their own.



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